Coral reef recruitment on the Great Barrier Reef affected by global warming

During the last global bleaching event (2014-2017), portrayed as the most spectacular in terms of intensity, duration and extent, the Great Barrier Reef lost more than 50% of its reefs. [...]


Coral adaptation to climate change

Les vagues de chaleurs océaniques sont de plus en plus rapprochées. Sur les deux dernières décennies, nous en comptons 4 ! Malheureusement, les années 2016 et 2017 ont été brutales pour les [...]


Corallivory in coral reefs

Molluscs, reef fishes, echinoderms, crustaceans and annelids – who are these corallivores and which roles do they play in coral reefs? During his expeditions aboard the HMS Beagle in 1842, [...]


How rat density alters coral reef productivity

In tropical areas, the invasive rats decimate seabird populations. These latter play a key role in the functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, such as coral reefs. Climate change and [...]


Coral reef growth affected by sea level rise

Already weakened by local damages (overfishing, pollution, coastal development) and global damages (rising surface water temperatures and acidification of the marine environment), coral reefs [...]


Plastic – a novel cause of diseases in coral reefs

Durability is what best defines plastic. Convenient, lightweight, and offering good mechanical properties, plastic polymers have revolutionized our everyday lives since mass production began in [...]


A look back at the incredible results of 2017!

In 2017, thanks to all our supporters, we achieved incredible results. We saved about 26,000 corals, provided employment to 15 people in Indonesia and 5 people in France, created the 629 hectare [...]


Focus on IMPAC4: the International Congress on Marine Protected Areas

IMPAC4 is the international congress on Marine Protected Areas which brings together all the specialists of the marine environment. Coral Guardian was present to share his experience in [...]

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