Chasing coral, a hymn to the ocean

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Chasing Coral is one of those documentaries that upset us. After viewing it, you will never see the ocean again in the same way.

Through a great human adventure, Jeff Orlowski and his team of scientists, photographers and divers conduct an investigation into the impacts of climate change in the oceans, including coral reefs. These men have only one objective: to follow the degradation of the reefs thanks to the technique of time-lapse which consists in taking pictures every day the same underwater place for a certain time. Through this technique, they want to raise consciousness to save one of the richest ecosystems in the world.

It is the discovery of an invisible world that awaits you. At the bottom of the oceans are hidden complex animals evolving in society: the corals. Essential to underwater life as well as to terrestrial life, the documentary reveals their multiple functions. Indeed, coral reefs represent a habitat for a quarter of aquatic species. They also serve as coastal protection against natural disasters. They are estimated to feed and support between 500 and 850 million people. Far from revealing all their mysteries, the reefs could also bring us remedies for several diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Yet few people care about their future. Exposed directly to global warming, as the various episodes of global laundering show, the coral reefs suffer. Imagine that the temperature of your body increases by 2 ° C … This is what happens to corals. The temperature of the oceans increases at the same time as that of the planet. This severely weakens these ecosystems, and the majority of them die if they do not have time to recover between two bleaching episodes. 50% of the reefs have died in the past 30 years.

Chasing Coral puts images on these alarming findings. For example, the team filmed the bleaching of a coral reef north of the Great Barrier Reef in just 40 days. Corals thus become the first visual indicators of climate change. A shocking document, which moves us, also revolts us.

A current of hope is however carried by different associations of protection of the reefs as well as by the project “50 Reefs”, set up by the scientific community. It is a new global initiative to find and protect coral reefs that can survive global warming. Hoping that it is limited to the 2 ° C envisaged by the Paris Agreement.

At the individual level, it is also possible to support this fight by sharing the documentary Chasing Coral, speaking about itself of this drama of the oceans, and supporting some associations like Coral Guardian.

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