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Expedition in Indonesia

Eco-volunteers are essential to the success of our projects. We have been involving them since 2010 to develop marine conservation programs where the ocean is vital to local cultures and economies. Parallel to our practical conservation work, our goal is to raise awareness of marine conservation and to demonstrate it can attract the interest of all. We are committed to provide high-quality and rewarding expeditions, working in fragile marine environments with coastalcommunities. The data you collect during your expedition is essential for developing effective approaches to protect threatened marine biodiversity and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

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  • Komodo
    8D/7N990 €
    • Identification of species
    • Coral transplantation
    • Reef Restoration
    • Biological monitoring
    • Socio-economic monitoring
    • Awareness in schools
    • Locally Managed Marine Area
  • Nusa Penida
    • Project Development
    • Mangrove replanting
    • Reef Restoration
    • Seaweed culture
    • Pollution problems
    • Manufacture of coconut oil
    • Awareness in schools
    • Marine Protected Area
  • "I learned how to restore the coral reefs with the villagers and socialize in an exquisite setting of wild palm trees, blue lagoons and white sand beaches."

    Julia S.
    Julia S. Komodo Expedition, July 2016
  • "An incredible experience where science is associated with a vision revealing some of the challenges we face today."

    John B.
    John B. Komodo Expedition, September 2016
  • "Finally a mission with which we really learn something and that makes us an actor of the project."

    Emma Nusa Penida Expedition, October 2016
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