The Coral Guardian Team

We are a team of professionals and scientists with complementary skills and a common passion for marine environments. We are all united in the same objective of conserving and reducing human impact on these endangered ecosystems.

Our salaried team in France

  • Martin Colognoli
    Martin Colognoli Co-founder and Scientific Director
  • Hélène Colson
    Hélène Colson Development officer
  • Vladimir Ospina
    Vladimir Ospina Eco-volunteering Manager
  • Johanna Traversian
    Johanna Traversian Communication officer

Our volunteer team in France

  • Emmanuelle Hervéou
    Emmanuelle Hervéou Chairwoman
  • Hélène Lepkowski
    Hélène Lepkowski General Secretary
  • Bruno Breton
    Bruno Breton Partnerships Manager
  • Julien Holeville
    Julien Holeville Reef structure Engineer
  • Dr. Leïla Ezzat
    Dr. Leïla Ezzat Postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Dr. Olivier Detournay
    Dr. Olivier Detournay Marine Immunologist

Our salaried team in Indonesia

  • Basrin
    Basrin Coral transplanter
  • Masening
    Masening Coral transplanter
  • Mamidah
    Mamidah Coral transplanter
  • Sarmidha
    Sarmidha Coral transplanter
  • Marwiati
    Marwiati Coral transplanter
  • Muslim
    Muslim Responsible for biological surveys
  • Komang
    Komang Responsible for social surveys
  • Dula
    Dula Responsible for mediation with fishermen
  • Sutopo
    Sutopo Project Coordinator - Flores
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