Who are you ? 

My name is Lomano Takasi. I was born in Wallis-et-Futuna, I grew up in France, and from a very young age I was fascinated about sport and all the values ​​that come with sport challenges and surpassing oneself…

Growing up I was passionate about the sea, sailing, the ocean’s infinite expanse and I decided one day that I would travel across the Atlantic: hence the Mini Transat!

What is your project ?


The goal or rather the different objectives of Moana 6.50 are to participate in the Mini Transat 2021. This race is a transatlantic race, alone, without any means of communication and on the smallest racing boat, between France and the American continent (generally West Indies).

The aim is not only the sport aspect of the race; there is also a strong environmental aspect that is close to my heart. The ocean is in my DNA and that’s why I decided to associate Moana 6.50 with a cause. This cause is the preservation of coral reefs!


Why have you chosen to become Coral Guardian’s ambassador ?


Coral Guardian because living in France I wanted to have a close relationship with the team in Paris and thus build a coherent and solid story together.

Coral Guardian because I think that it is a very beautiful organisation, with values ​​that are in line with the cause I wish to support. The organisation shares a lot of knowledge and expertise which is what I like about their work!

Finally I chose to become an ambassador for CG for several reasons. It gives me responsibility and a strong commitment, and that’s what I wanted. And because if I can contribute to CG at my own scale and more widely to the cause of coral reef conservation, I would be happy! I do not wish to be a consumer of the sea but to be an actor towards its preservation!



Thank you Lomano for supporting our actions through your project… 🙂🌊

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