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Coral reefs

Unexpected fish biodiversity on coral reefs unraveled by environmental DNA

Reef fish: an exceptional biodiversity   Coral reefs are often referred to as the tropical rainforests of the seas due to their staggering richness and…

Coral biology

Macro and microplastics threaten cold-water corals

Written by Coralie Barrier and Florina Jacob. Acknowledgements to Leïla Ezzat.   Macro and microplastics represent a real threat to the oceans and associated organisms….

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Climate-impacted reefs may continue to supply vital micronutrients through fisheries

Acknowledgements to James Robinson.   Coral reefs rank among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on Earth – including more than 700 coral species and…

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Carbon balance in corals

Written by Jeanne Kault, Florina Jacob and Olivier Detournay. Acknowledgments to Eric Röttinger.   Coral reefs cover an area of 284,300 km2 (Spalding et al.,…

Coral Guardian

Adopt a coral : an ideal and ecological gift for (ocean) lovers!

Looking for a really special Valentine’s Day gift to please your partner or yourself? This year, we suggest you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different…

Coral Guardian

Join our Coral Guardian team!

FULL-TIME POSITION   Financial Partnerships & Development Manager CDD/CDI – Start of February 2022   Our Coral Guardian team is looking for a development and…

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Atypical corals: lessons from these organisms living under extreme conditions

Coral reefs are one of the most threatened ecosystems by human activities. Given the changing environment, corals face a significant challenge to adapt to suboptimal…

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6 gift ideas that give back to the ocean this Christmas!

6 gift ideas that give back to the ocean this Christmas!   Hello Coral Guardians! Only a few weeks left until Christmas… But don’t panic,…

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Do corals store carbon?

Carbon storage in ecosystems is increasingly presented as a way to fight climate change. But the storage and release of carbon by coral skeletons is…

Coral biology

Sexual reproduction of corals: a synchronized nocturnal dance and its threats

Coral reproduction is a phenomenon that intrigues a large number of scientists, and it can be either by asexual or sexual means. In asexual reproduction,…

Coral reef conservation

Marine Protected Areas: how to prioritise conservation objectives?

Why protect the oceans?   Oceans support an enormous biodiversity, play a key role in climate regulation, and provide a wide range of benefits to…

Coral Guardian

The first coral nursery of the Mediterranean Sea

As you may know already, we are collaborating with the local Spanish non-profit Coral Soul on an innovative research project aimed at restoring the coral ecosystem…