Partnership / Sponsorship with Coral Guardian: Benefits for your business

We commit to the preservation of marine ecosystems through its four areas of intervention by seamlessly combining marine conservation, enhancement of biodiversity and sustainable development to improve the participation of local communities in accelerating development mechanisms of sustainable development in order to improve their livelihoods.

Coral Guardian is committed to valuate the gifts of its partners by direct co-benefits. The nature of these co-benefits is determined on a case by case basis according to the expectations of the company and the sponsorship.

Engaging with Coral Guardian is:

  • Involve the image of your company / group to an environmental project contribution
  • Supporting an important cause for the future of our planet and humanity
  • Benefit from media exposure with a dynamic communication
  • Enjoy an offensive communication, targeted and customized
  • Favourable tax provisions

For more information contact us and discover the various projects in which you can participate.


Blue Project is the sustainable development pole of Coral Guardian. This is a support program for businesses that want to integrate sustainable development at the heart of their raison d’être. Through accessible means of action, this program results in real projects with significative environmental, social and economic impacts, offering tremendous opportunities for engagement while giving meaning to your brand positioning and your actions.

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