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Nusa Penida

Management of Tropical Ecosystems


The KKP (Kementerian Kelautan Dan Perikanan – Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) has officially sought the support of Coral Guardian for the implementation of a participatory conservation program. We have thus concluded a partnership for the implementation of an action plan for integrated ecosystem management. Through a program of community involvement and empowerment, the objective is to support conservation actions on the island and to strengthen their capacity to regenerate and preserve coral ecosystems degraded by human activities.

The objective is to support the different conservation actions carried out on the island.


Expedition 8d / 7n with 6 people max. Non-exhaustive program, adapted for each group according to the profiles and skills of each one, the tides and the weather conditions:

  • Mangrove plantation
  • Introduction to the historical activity of the island: seaweed culture
  • Participation in reef restoration program
  • Awareness in schools
  • Development of actions to address pollution problems: beach cleaning
  • Observation of local marine biodiversity (snorkeling)
  • Discovery of the local culture
  • Discovery of social and solidarity economy with the organic coconut oil factory

Nusa Penida is an Indonesian island, belonging to the province of Bali. It is located to the southeast of the island of the same name. The Nusa Penida Marine Reserve covers an area of ​​20,057 hectares and includes two smaller neighboring islands, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The region is home to 296 different coral species. 48,000 people live in the 56 villages of Nusa Penida and its two neighboring islands. Coastal populations depend entirely on seaweed farming, fisheries and maritime tourism. In the land, agriculture and livestock are still strongly present. In 2013, the Marine Protected Area of ​​Nusa Penida (AMP) was created as a marine park with the dual objective of safeguarding marine resources and supporting communities on the island. Today, the success of this MPA allows it to be one of the best ranked in Indonesia and to be recognized as an exemplary site for the promotion of a blue economy.


The price includes accommodation in a bungalow for each person and meals for 8d / 7n

  • Komodo
    8D/7N990 €
    • Identification of species
    • Coral transplantation
    • Reef Restoration
    • Biological monitoring
    • Socio-economic monitoring
    • Awareness in schools
    • Locally Managed Marine Area
  • Nusa Penida
    • Mangrove replanting
    • Reef Restoration
    • Seaweed culture
    • Manufacture of coconut oil
    • Awareness in schools
    • Beach cleaning
    • Marine Protected Area
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