• Coral Guardian - Gili Trawangan, A new program to rehabilitate coral reefs born on the Gili Islands

    Gili Life
    Gili Life Oct-Nov 2013 - P29
  • Coral Guardian: a non-profit reef conservation organization

    Advanced Aquarist
    Advanced Aquarist 17 Août 2012
  • How a remote Indonesian island community is reclaiming its fishing heritage by restoring ruined coral reefs

    National Geographic
    National Geographic Juin 2017 - Learn more +
  • Biotech firm and conservation organization seeks your help for coral research

    Advanced Aquarist
    Advanced Aquarist 5 Juin 2014
  • Manta Reef Coral Restoration Project, Collaboration and innovation: saving coral reefs by promoting eco-tourism

    Gili Life
    Gili Life Dec-Jan 2014 - p24-27
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