We are Coral Guardian

A non-profit organisation dedicated to coral reef conservation

and coastal communities empowerment 


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Our mission:

To develop innovative marine conservation methods


Coral ecosystems are an economic resource for one-eighth of the world’s population. According to scientists, coral reefs will have disappeared by 2050. However, it is not too late! It is therefore important to act immediately, first of all by raising awareness around people who depend directly on these ecosystems.

Coral Guardian is a story of women and men acting for the preservation of coral reefs.




In 40 years we have lost 40% of coral reefs. Despite their high economic and recreational value, human activities now threaten these critical habitats. If no action is taken, 90% of the reefs will be threatened by 2030 and all reefs will disappear by 2050.

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Coral Guardian is an NGO, dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs and their ecosystems. We are a team of professionals and scientists, with complementary skills and a shared passion for marine ecosystems.

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Coral Guardian’s reef restoration programs stand out by involving local communities on the ground. The implication of people who depend directly on these ecosystems has led to the creation of a sustainable restoration model. In this sense, reef rehabilitation is a tool rather than a goal in itself.

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Act now ! Adopt a coral !

Support participatory conservation and coral reef restoration by adopting a coral. Your coral will be transplanted within a few days and, in exchange, you will receive a certificate with a photo of your coral, the fisherman who transplanted it for you, its GPS location and the name you gave it. You can also contribute to the maintenance and scientific monitoring of your coral thanks to a monthly donation.

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