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We protect and restore coral reefs worldwide through the

empowerment of local communities and of people around the world.

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Our mission

Coral Guardian is a French NGO acting internationally, and founded in 2012, which aims to protect coral reef ecosystems by implicating local communities and raising awareness among the general public.

Our story

Our actions

Since 2012, we have been working on protecting corals from the multiple risks that threaten them in three ways:

adoption-de-corail-picto Conservation
sensibilisation picto Raising awareness
science picto Science
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Impact of sunscreens on coral reefs

Overall, what is the impact of UV filters in sunscreens on corals?

Around the world, coral reefs are facing a degradation driven by global and local human-derived pressures including climate change, coastal development, pollution, amongst others. In…

Impact of sunscreens on coral reefs

Are mineral UV filters used in sunscreens less harmful to coral reefs?

Swimmers can choose sunscreens with chemical (organic) UV filters or mineral (inorganic) UV filters. The latter are natural particles, either zinc oxide (ZnO) or titanium…

Coral biology

The unveiled mystery of cold water corals

Cold water corals have existed for millions of years and have colonized all the seas and oceans of the world. It is therefore not uncommon…

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