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A non-profit organisation dedicated to coral reef conservation

and coastal communities empowerment 

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Our conservation methods show that effective management of coral reefs improves food security of coastal communities and creates an economic dynamic

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A story of men and women for the preservation of coral reefs. A project with the local community Seraya Besar located 10 km from the Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia. In this area, dynamite fishing has caused tremendous damage to coral reefs. Having a direct influence on fish stocks, the tourist attraction and coastal protection. The reef rehabilitation is not an end but a means. It allows the involvement of local fishing communities to protect their natural environment. Goal 2018: 10,000 colonies transplanted and 6 jobs created. Project supported by the Daniel Jouvance Foundation.

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Coral Guardian has established a participatory conservation program that embodies the concept of many small efforts to create a powerful network for change.

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In 40 years we have lost 40% of coral reefs. Despite their great economic and recreational value, human activities now threaten these critical habitats. If no action is taken to stop activities that threaten the rainforest of the oceans, 90% of reefs will be threatened by 2030 and nearly all reefs all by 2050.

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Coral Guardian is a non-profit organisation, working in the Coral Triangle, dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs and their ecosystems. We are a team of professionals and scientists, with complementary skills who share a passion for marine environments. We are all united in a common goal of conservation and human impact reduction on these ecosystems at risk.

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Coral Guardian take advantage of its field work to provide the opportunity for everyone to take action for biodiversity. Every one at its level can participate. No need to be an expert, we can all defend our vision of a future society, respecting all forms of life. We believe that the future of our oceans depends on the ability of local communities to preserve the ecosystems on which they depend directly. And on which we depend too. Together, let’s give them the means to achieve it.

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