Where do your donations go for coral restoration?

We remain committed to total financial transparency!

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Breakdown by program

Participatory marine conservation


Your donations enable us to continue restoring, transplanting and protecting damaged coral reefs by involving the local communities that depend on them.

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Raising awareness


Your donations allow us to continue to create awareness programs at both a local and an international level to reach even more people to encourage them to take action to protect coral reefs.

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Developing our actions


Your donations allow us to continue to innovate, strengthen and expand our actions throughout the world. Through our Blue Center program, we are committed to sharing our experience and expertise developed on the ground to help other actors that wish to develop their own coral restoration program.

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RA 2013 - Coral Guardian Activity report 2013 Available in French only.
RA 2014 - Coral Guardian Activity report 2014 Available in French only.
RA 2015 Activity report 2015 Available in French only.
RA 2016 Activity report 2016 Available in French only.
RA 2017 Activity report 2017 Available in French only.
Annual activity report 2018 - Coral Guardian Activity report 2018
Impact report 2019 - Coral Guardian Impact report 2019
impact report 2020 Impact report 2020