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Our marine conservation organisation

Coral Guardian has been restoring colors to oceans since 2012.

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Blurred reef - Coral Guardian

Our story

Coral Guardian is a non-governmental organisation. Since 2012, we have been working internationally and with local communities to protect coral ecosystems.

2012 Creation of Coral Guardian

After a year in Indonesia, where Martin Colognoli, a marine biologist and co-founder of the organization, was working in a business exporting corals and other marine wildlife. There, he discovers practices that are harmful to the natural environment, to animals and also to humans. Based on this first experience, we launch the first coral reef conservation project thanks to the participative program “Adopt a Coral” allowing anyone to contribute to the protection of our ocean. Coral Guardian was born.

2013 Research and Development

Based in Indonesia, during those first few years we continuously worked on improving our techniques on projects around Bali with various methods such as rope, concrete and ceramics. The use of rope, as an example, proved very complicated because of the strong ocean currents in that area. We found that the technique that proved to be the most efficient was fixing corals with stainless steel wire onto metallic frames which were easy to make.

2015 Launch of the pilot project in Indonesia, on Hatamin island

Having gained extensive experience with the implementation of several test programs on the islands of Bali, Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida, we then launched our first participatory marine conservation pilot project on the Hatamin archipelago in Indonesia, by directly implicating locals on the ground.

2019 Spreading our participatory model with the Blue Center

After 7 years of operation, we launched our own training program, the Blue Center, to enable smaller structures around the world to grow by benefiting from Coral Guardian’s expertise. The aim is to spread our model of participative marine conservation around the world following the great success of our conservation program developed on Hatamin island.

2020 Launch of our Mediterranean Sea project in Spain

We launched our first key Blue Center project, in collaboration with the local organization Coral Soul. This project, Deep CORE, is located in Punta de la Mona, in Spain, and one of the first participatory marine conservation programs in the Mediterranean Sea.

My professional career began in Indonesia as a manager in an export company dealing with corals and other marine animals for the aquarium trade. I was quickly disillusioned when I realised that I was taking part in a legal plundering and poaching of marine life that I cherished so much. This experience made me realise that humans are drawing on natural resources without giving anything back. So I co-founded the nonprofit Coral Guardian at that time. The main idea was to protect coral ecosystems through working with the people who depend on them, in this case traditional fishermen fighting for their food sovereignty.”


Martin Colognoli, co-founder of Coral Guardian


Our team

Employé·e·s Bénévoles
Martin Colognoli
Martin Colognoli Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors
Coco Tamlyn Director
Florina Jacob
Florina Jacob Field and scientific project manager
Neyda Radouane
Neyda Radouane Partnerships manager
Océane Conjard
Océane Conjard Communications & Outreach Manager
Olivier Detournay
Dr. Olivier Detournay President
Caroline Bourgeois
Caroline Bourgeois General Secretary
Julien Holleville Treasurer
Bruno Breton
Bruno Breton Member of the executive board
Romain Bernard
Romain Bernard Project Management Office
Carole Petetin
Carole Petetin Graphic Designer
Coralie Barrier
Coralie Barrier Writer of scientific articles
Leila Ezzat
Dr. Leïla Ezzat Aquatic Ecologist, EPFL
Lomano Takasi
Lomano Takasi Ambassador
Vladimir Ospina
Vladimir Ospina Project management
Solène Ollivier
Solène Ollivier Coral Reef Ecologist
Anne-Sophie Mouraud
Anne-Sophie Mouraud Consultant in Marketing & Strategy
Laurie-Anne Delannoy
Laurie-Anne Delannoy Translator
Yann Farines
Yann Farines IT Expert
Julien Brochard
Julien Brochard Developer
Laura Bastide
Laura Bastide Volunteer in mediation and scientific communication
Vincent Diringer
Vincent Diringer Writer of scientific articles
Aurélie Lelong-Brulle
Aurélie Lelong-Brulle Volunteer in mediation and scientific communication
Maxime Beraud Fish data analyst
Julien Paulet Volunteer for the Blue Center programme
Margaud Berthomieu Volunteer in the communications and outreach department
Laurie Martinez Fish data analyst
Nessim Kleiche Biological data analyst
Jonash Castilo Murdini Local director
Abdullah Weo Responsible for mediation with fishermen
Valentina Limek Tukan Tourism manager
Suhardin Roni Boat captain
Murdianto Coral transplantor
Sahril Coral transplantor
Immaculada Hane Hane English teacher
Abdur Rahman Malwelan Coral transplantor

Some of our team members in Indonesia do not have surnames,
hence the mention of first names only 🙂

Marina Palacios
Marina Palacios Miñambres Project Director
Zaida Parra
Zaida Parra Project coordinator
Nacho Martin
Nacho Martín President and diving team member
Rafa Camacho
Rafa Camacho Secretary, CEO Buceonatura
Salva Blanco
Salva Blanco Diving team member, Buceonatura partner
Javier Sánchez
Javi Sánchez Underwater photographer, CEO Different Scuba School
Jose Macias
Jose Macías Digital coordinator