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In 2010, Martin Colognoli and Guillaume Holzer created Coral Guardian, french based non-profit recognized of public interest in order to take advantage of their skills and experiences to benefit the environment.


Coral Guardian aims to promote innovative approaches to marine conservation and encourage sustainable patterns of development by deploying a wide scope of actions.


To do so, we develop realistic and optimistic solutions through joint programs that adress to everyone: local communities, general public, youth, businesses and communities.


We commit to the preservation of marine ecosystems through its four areas of intervention by seamlessly combining marine conservation, enhancement of biodiversity and sustainable development to improve the participation of local communities in accelerating development mechanisms of sustainable development in order to improve their livelihoods.


Coral Guardian developped a social-ecological approach to marine conservation based on fundamental needs and universal declaration of human rights (art. 22, 25 and 27) “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development […] All peoples may freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources […] In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence”.

Coral Guardian vision EN



Restoring and preserving coral reef ecosystems.

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Empowering local communities and the general public.

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Develop research programs to understand and valuate coral reef ecosystems.

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Develop sustainable solutions to improve the livelihoods of local communities.

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    Restorate a coral reef restoration involving the local community that depends on it


    Protect and manage the restored zone


    Awareness and skills transfer programs


    Develop valuation tools for tourism, fisheries, biotechnologies, etc.


    Autonomous program management by local stakeholders

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We are a team of professionals and scientists with complementary skills who share a passion for marine environments. We are all united in a common goal of conservation and reducing the human impact on these endangered ecosystems.


  • Martin Colognoli
    Martin Colognoli Président

    Engineer in Aquaculture and Marine Ecology. Formerly manager of a coral farm in Indonesia within an export and structure of marine animals for the aquarium. Numerous research missions and project coordination in several countries where the scientific communities are specialists on coral reefs. Knowledge of problems on the ground. Currently coordinates marine ecosystem regeneration projects and coral culture mobilizing many stakeholders. Always looking for new ideas and innovative processes.

  • Guillaume Holzer
    Guillaume Holzer Vice-Président

    Mbus in marketing and communication carried out abroad. Formerly marketing consultant and project manager in tourism and specialist in strategy to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Communication and project managment skills related to marine environments. Good knowledge of the current state of the marine environment and its functioning. Coordinates the development of the aorganisation and the management of projects while actively participating in field programs.



The Board of Directors is composed of three persons: Maxime Beraud, Martin Colognoli and Guillaume Holzer.


Our work and commitment is supported by our scientific committee of international experts in marine conservation and biodiversity studies.

  • Dr Jane Williamson – PhD/Teacher – Founder of Marine Ecology Group – McQuarie University – Australia
  • Dr Devarajen Vaitilingon – PhD – Director of Biosys Consulting – Australia
  • Jérome Mourin – Curator/Cosnervation Director of Aquarium Grand Lyon – France
  • Grégoire Bastide – Director of Luxaqua – France
  • Guillaume Pujol – Director of Marinehome – France
  • Thomas Miard – Research Manager at Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard – France


  • Solomon Viitasaari
    Solomon Viitasaari Project Coordinator
  • Wayan Patut
    Wayan Patut Local Relations Manager
  • Maxime Beraud
    Maxime Beraud Marine Biologist
  • Julien Holeville
    Julien Holeville Reef structure Engineer


  • Florence Trunz
    Florence Trunz Awareness Program Coordinator
  • Sandrine Heredia
    Sandrine Heredia English Teacher
  • Meliza S. Woribai
    Meliza S. Woribai English Teacher
  • Revina Indra Putri
    Revina Indra Putri English Teacher
  • Vladimir Ospina
    Vladimir Ospina Architect - Designer


  • Leïla Ezzat
    Leïla Ezzat Doctorante en Ecophysiologie
  • Jérémy Berthelier
    Jérémy Berthelier Marine Biology Post Grad Student
  • Maxime Beraud
    Maxime Beraud Marine Biologist
  • Dr. Olivier Detournay
    Dr. Olivier Detournay Marine Immunologist


  • Guillaume Angelvy
    Guillaume Angelvy Comptable - Trésorier
  • Émilie Hamon
    Émilie Hamon HR Manager
  • Laure Machon
    Laure Machon Responsable Développement et Droit Environnemental
  • Laura Beekmann
    Laura Beekmann Chargée de Développement des Aires Marines Protégées et Droit Environnemental


  • Thibault Dentin
    Thibault Dentin Responsable des Relations Institutionnelles
  • Jessy Mione
    Jessy Mione PR
  • Sarah Stiffel
    Sarah Stiffel Biology PhD Student
  • Olivier Ferry
    Olivier Ferry External Relations
  • Bruno Breton
    Bruno Breton External Relations


logo karya segara

Kelompok Nelayan Pesisir Karya Segara (Coastal Fishermen Group Worker of the Sea) is a cooperative of Serangan village.

We are working with them to make conservation actions a success. They are the first suffering from climate change impacts and environmental issues.

Karya Segara was formed by and for the village of Serangan in order to improve community participation in accelerating the development of marine fisheries by coastal and marine environmental protection in order to improve sustainable livelihoods.

The main purpose of our partnership with Karya Segara is to increase the awareness, knowledge and skills of the community to be able to manage marine and coastal resources through conservation and marine tourism in the aim to increase the value of the economic and social welfare in a sustainable manner for the future generations.

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