When you adopt a coral, you contribute directly to the preservation of coral reefs and marine ecosystems on which we all depend, including YOU.

How does it work?


Name your coral

Our programs embody the concept of many small efforts creating a powerful network for change. Your donation ensure the sustainability and growth of our programs. When you process your coral adoption indicate the name you like to give him. The coral will be selected in order to respect the balance of the local biodiversity.


We plant it for you

Your adopted coral goes on the fundraising list and contribute to fund the transplantation operations. Once a month, our team plant it on one of the dedicated artificial reef. Corals planted are cuttings sampled on a mother coral from our culture tables. The transplantation may take some time after your adoption, depending on the collection of adoptions during the week.


Receive your certificate

You will receive a personalized certificate with a photo and GPS location of your coral. You can come to visit your coral in Bali and see where it has been transplanted. Best of all, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat.

Capacity building - Bio monitoring

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You want to do something for the planet? Looking for a gift idea? Coral Guardian has established a participatory conservation program that embodies the concept of many small efforts to create a powerful network for change: Adopt a Coral

The goal is to help preserve coral reefs, essential to the balance of our planet but greatly endangered.

Costs 30 € Coral Guardian is committed to transplant coral reefs on a damaged area in Indonesia. The cutting tables comes from culture of the organization and always correspond to native species so as not to upset the balance of local biodiversity. This small gesture for the environment also involved in the support of local people, who depend heavily. If the adventure tempts you, then visit www.coralguardian.org and receive a personalized certificate of adoption, with the name you chose for your piece of coral, photograph and GPS location.

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