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Raising awareness on the importance of corals

Raising awareness to better protect and restore.

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Current awareness programs

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Raising awareness among local populations

Fishing and tourism are the main sources of income for the local communities we work with. Our aim is to work with these communities to understand together the importance of coral ecosystems to them in terms of food and economic resources, and the importance of implementing sustainable activities to restore these damaged ecosystems while providing for their needs.

We develop local tools to help raise awareness among both children and adults, and among tourists and boat captains.

We believe that the more we collaborate with local communities around issues linked to coral ecosystem degradation, and the more we protect locally, the more resilient corals will be when faced with global pressures as they will be under less local pressure.

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Our international “Adopt a coral” program

Learn about our participatory marine conservation programme that allows everyone to help preserve the ocean. Because the sum of small efforts can create a powerful movement for change.

By adopting a coral, you receive an adoption certificate (or a gift code to pass on to a friend!) of a coral that contributes to the restoration of a damaged reef area. Accompanied by an optional monthly donation starting at only 2€, this small gesture for the environment also contributes to the support of local populations as well as to the maintenance and monitoring of the marine protected area.

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Dive with us into the world of our oceans and especially corals! Through different profiles, biologists, freedivers, photographers… we’ve attempted to approach the marine world with inspiring stories. 🌊

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CORAL exhibition

It is often difficult to raise awareness for a cause that seems far removed from our daily lives. The CORAL exhibition immerses its visitors in a world of damaged reefs, committed fishermen and restored reefs… A message that is both urgent and full of hope.

The exhibition is currently available at the Aquarium de St Malo and Aquarium de Biarritz.

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Raise awareness kit

We have developed a ‘raise awareness’ kit available to anyone wishing to make people aware of the importance of coral reefs and the dangers they face. The kit includes a quiz of 8 questions and answers, a speech already written out for you, a fact sheet on corals and restoration techniques, videos, as well as various tools to help you give a small presentation. So far, the kit has been used by people of all ages in schools, diving centers, youth hostels and companies. Contact us to find out more!

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Our ambassadors

Thomas Bonneau Tom is an entrepreneur and sailor. He is supporting us through his project to take part in the MiniTransat 2025 race.
Thomas Bonneau
Eco Talk France Thomas and Noémie are two video-makers committed to the environment and biodiversity. They support us by regularly sharing our actions.
Eco Talk

Our past awareness programs

2018 Le Corail roi à Monaco IYOR 2018 2018 Année Internationale des Récifs Coralliens IYOR 2018 2017 Sandbox Sandbox - Coral Guardian 2017 Cap sur IMPAC4: le Congrès international qui réunit les experts des Aires Marines Protégées Chile 2017 2017 Coral Guardian exhibition at the Aquarium de Paris CORAIL coeur de vie 2017 Petition to preserve coral reefs Présidentielle 2017 2016 Petition against dredging Dites NON 2015 Manta Reef - Prize of the Jury Jeune Public Manta reef project 2015 Animation to raise awareness – Eurexpo – Lyon sensibilisation Lyon 2015 My Positive Impact my positive impact 2015 Coral Guardian at the COP21 Paris 2015 2015 Coral fluorescence exhibition corail fluo 2014 Aquariophilie Responsable – Botanic – Lyon event - Coral Guardian