Awareness programs and marine ecology

Education is a sustainable “investment value” for the coral reefs and the communities survival. We are developping a program that will introduce the local marine ecosystems and marine ecology within a teaching framework. Our awareness programs are intended to be delivered to local schools. We will also provide English lessons adapted to marine ecology.


The awareness of local communities will allow a social and economic development for villages, mainly thanks to ecotourism, an emerging market in Bali. We think that teaching English language will facilitate the emancipation of these pupils.



Videos, installations, photographs and other exhibition visuals are an extremely unique and immersive work that nourishes the paradoxes of marine biodiversity. How to reach and capture the inperceptible, inaccessible and the magic of corals beyond the image that general public usually lends to?
Coralogy reveals the poetry of this biodiversity, its biological secrets that are still misunderstood by science, which operate beyond the visible and the metamorphoses that grow outside of our control. The theme of fluorescence, light and art haunt the work of this group of artist united for the preservation of these vital ecosystems and the incredible beauty of the marine life, which is so fascinating.


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