S.O.S. Corales : the first participatory marine conservation

project of the Mediterranean sea.

Where does it take place?

We are collaborating with the NGO Equilibrio Marino on a project called S.O.S. Corales in the Mediterranean sea, in the region of Punta de la Mona in Spain.

Why is it important to act in the region?

The S.O.S. Corales project responds to the problem of the degradation of the marine environment in Punta de la Mona, linked to an increase in pollution in the Mediterranean sea. The area has a very rich biodiversity: since the 1980s, the Punta de la Mona area has been declared a natural park. However, despite these protective measures, the area is threatened by human activities and the coral ecosystem are damaged. Our mission will involve a seabed clean-up, awareness-raising programs for locals and tourists, as well as actions to restore the coral ecosystems.

Looking ahead in terms of project evolution

By becoming the first participatory marine conservation project involving local communities in the Mediterranean sea, S.O.S. Corales could become a training centre of our Blue Center for future coral conservation projects in the Mediterranean region.