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Coral Guardian

Launch of the first participatory marine conservation project of the Mediterranean sea

We’re now located in the Mediterranean Sea with the launch of the first participatory marine conservation project in this region of the world. This project,…

Coral reef conservation

The challenge of rebuilding marine life by 2050

A small step for man, a big step for the ocean and its inhabitants We are facing a key moment where we can choose the…

Coral Guardian

Interview with Imaculada, our English teacher

Hi Imaculada! Can you present yourself briefly? Hi! I am Imaculada T.M.K. Hane. I am from Indonesia- flores. I live in Labuan-Bajo and I am an English…

Coral reef conservation

How rat density alters coral reef productivity

In tropical areas, the invasive rats decimate seabird populations. These latter play a key role in the functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, such as…