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The Coral Triangle

Blurred reef - Coral Guardian


It has more biodiversity than anywhere else in the world.


km² of coral reefs


of the world’s coral reefs


reef fish species

120 million

of people live there and depend on coral reefs for their livelihoods

The Triangle is the epicenter of the planet’s marine biodiversity. The epicenter of this coral diversity is located in the Indonesian Papua Peninsula. It is frequented by the blue whale, dolphins, porpoises, and the endangered dugong.

But the Coral Triangle is endangered

Scientists estimate that we could lose up to 70% of the world’s coral reefs over the next 50 years.

Before after - Coral Guardian

Rising water temperatures, rising sea levels and ocean acidification (effects of climate change) threaten coral reefs worldwide. Overfishing and destructive fishing techniques, such as dynamite fishing and cyanide, are responsible for depleting fish stocks to a level that may be irreversible.

Despite the growing threats, there is hope. The reefs of the Coral Triangle have survived for millions of years and some species are coping surprisingly well with the effects of climate change. That’s why the Coral Triangle holds secrets that raise hope among scientists. The greatest source of hope for the Coral Triangle is its people who depend so heavily on it.

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