Aquariophilie Resposable

Responsible Aquariology

Aquariology is your passion. And if your choice could contribute to the preservation of coral reef ecosystems?

Commit to preserve marine biodiversity through responsible purchasing and contributing to the well being of these fragile ecosystems.

On the participatory conservation principle, Coral Guardian offers aquarists an opportunity to commit to a more responsible aquariology hobby focusing on cultured species rather than wild animals. In making this choice in shops committed (see store list below), you contribute to our coral reef restoration projects in Indonesia by donating € 1 per cultured corals purchased.


The objective of this approach is to educate aquarists and retailers about responsible choices so that this hobby is as respectful as possible of the environment.
If you’re passionate, make responsible choices. Then the whole distribution chain will be forced to adapt to your demand. Your choices are crucial.
The tropical marine aquarium is often accused of participating in the destruction of reef ecosystems. Most of the marine animals are still wild-caught, local fishermen lack of knowledge about fishing methods and maintenance of animals in captivity and the financial resources of this activity is unevenly distributed over the supply chain and the local population in the exporting countries are the most affected.
This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the preservation of coral reef ecosystems that your passion is totally dependent.


On the participatory conservation principle, you can contribute to the sustainable development of this activity and the preservation of coral reef ecosystems by favoring an array of animals from breeding or culture.


The funds collected contributes to our coral reef restoration projects in progress.



  • Study species and their needs,
  • Choose your retailers carefully,
  • Opt for species from breeding and culture,
  • Do not choose on the basis of price alone, but also their maintenance conditions.


  • Keep up to date maintenance techniques that are constantly evolving and are guarantors of the living conditions of the animals you sell.
  • Inform your customers and raise awareness about the origins of your animals, but also on the maintenance requirements.
  • Prefer importing animals from breeding or culture.
  • Refuse to sell if you know it has little or no chance of survival of the animal in your client.
  • Opt for exporters who respect animals and invest in breeding and coral culture.

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