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We like to be transparent about where your money goes when you donate to Coral Guardian. Donations received from the public in 2016 accounted for 29% of Coral Guardian’s total resources and were allocated as follows:

What is the money that I give used for?

  • Programs overseas
  • Programs in France
  • Operational costs
  • Fundraising costs
  • Restoring coral reefs Restoring and preserving coral ecosystems through participatory programs involving local communities.
  • Sensitize as many as possible Sensitize local communities and the general public to the preservation of marine ecosystems and coral reefs.
  • Developing scientific research programs To better conserve coral reefs, we need to better understand these ecosystems in order to find better solutions to the problems associated with their threats.
  • Empowering local populations.
  • Enhancing coral ecosystems to ensure their sustainability and that of communities directly dependent on them.


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