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Donator spotlight: Gregory Pagliero

Donator spotlight: Gregory Pagliero
Publié par Coral Guardian | Publié le 26 July 2022

Gregory has been supporting our nonprofit for almost 6 years! We asked him to tell us a little about his motivations and the reasons that led him to get involve with us and support our work. A big thank you to him for taking the time to answer our questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a product sourcer for shops in the North-East of France, and I have always been passionate about the marine world. I’ve also been an active supporter of Coral Guardian since 2016!

Why is our cause so important to you? 

I am passionate about the marine world and all its mysteries. Few people are aware of the importance of reefs for the planet and for local populations.

After a trip to Indonesia in 2005, I really became aware of the impact of human life on coral reefs… Pollution, abusive and destructive fishing, excessive tourism, etc. ….

Tell us about your favourite experience or memory in the ocean.

Among my memories of the ocean, I have a particular thought for a dive I did on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 2006. Indeed, this last dive was extraordinary as I had the pleasure of hearing a whale singing…. It was incredible! Unfortunately I didn’t have the joy of seeing it but it made the moment so special and intense!

What worries you most about the current state and health of coral reefs? 

The risk of total disappearance of the world’s coral reefs in the long run = that’s my biggest concern. Also, the idea that I won’t be able to show the beauty of these ecosystems to my children really saddens me. Especially being able to show them a totally healthy reef! I don’t even know if this reef still exists anywhere… The impact of man is unfortunately visible everywhere in the oceans.

What gives you hope for the protection of coral reefs? 

The fact that there are people who are taking action and above all local populations who are starting to see an interest in this protection! Now, in my opinion, and without sounding like a pessimist, this only represents a small part of the world’s population.

What made you want to support Coral Guardian?

Their actions at a local level with the people who live on these territories. I am convinced that without their support nothing would advance! I like the idea that Coral Guardian raises awareness, educates, trains and instructs anyone who is curious, because once again, as soon as you understand and learn, it makes you want to take care and protect!

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