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Sponsor spotlight : Alban from W2P

Sponsor spotlight : Alban from W2P
Publié par Coral Guardian | Publié le 21 March 2023

Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

I am Alban Taravello, producer and founder of W2P Production. I am passionate about diving, deep-sea observation and video. I created W2P Production 15 years ago with the desire to give meaning to my business project and to combine passion, work and creativity. Our strength: Loving to tell stories!

Why is our cause important to you?

I discovered scuba diving a short time ago, but it quickly became a passion (since then I have been diving for an average of one week every six months) and I quickly realised that there was this magnificent, invisible world that was in danger. By becoming interested in the nonprofit, I became aware of the importance of the coral and the treasure it represents for the planet.

Tell us about your favourite experience or memory in the ocean.

I was lucky enough to dive in Sipadan, the week before the confinement in France! These dives stayed in my memory during this period and thinking about them was a trip every time! The biodiversity in Sipadan is exceptional, you wish it was as rich everywhere!

But above all, diving and observing the sea bed bring me a lot of well-being. It’s a world that soothes me and it also makes me want to protect it.

What worries you most about the current state of coral reefs?

The awareness that is not high enough today and the fact that we tend to underestimate the importance of coral reefs, the essential contribution they have for marine biodiversity. But to be honest, I wasn’t aware of this until I became a diver!

What gives you hope for the protection of coral reefs?

To see that nonprofit such as Coral Guardian are trying to change things and that people on the seashore are trying to raise awareness among the population, tourists and divers. There is also a real awareness on the part of diving clubs.

How is your company involved in protecting coral ecosystems? 

By helping the nonprofit financially via the 1% for the planet, but also by giving time to make films that help the nonprofit. And of course, by being personally a responsible and vigilant diver. I am really proud to participate, to accompany Coral Guardian on a daily basis for more than 2 years.

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