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Sponsor spotlight : Guillaume from 3EConcept

Sponsor spotlight : Guillaume from 3EConcept
Publié par Coral Guardian | Publié le 21 December 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂 


Rather in responsible mode, I am an enthusiastic and persistent person.

I founded the 3E concept group in 1998; our companies specialize in cleaning with water as the only detergent, water is a living element that has always fascinated me.


Why is our cause important to you?


I am a sailor, like many at anchor, I have been collecting waste in the creeks for 15 years. With my 40 years of diving, I have witnessed the evolution of the seabed, global warming and the symbiosis that needs to be maintained between the local population and the local economy linked to fishing and the biodiversity of the mangroves.


Tell us about your favourite experience or memory in the ocean.


Difficult to summarize; on the one hand in the sea, humility is your oxygen, the climax of your ego stops as soon as you empty your mask ☺

 I have drawn from this a value that is a beacon in my life as a human being and as a business leader, it is what I have called esprit de corps: as in a diving team, if you leave with 5 people, you come back with 5.

Then I can mention my time at your base in Flores; the spirit that you have put in place is sincere and benevolent; I was also able to dive with hundreds of mantas that were going to a festival ☺


What worries you most about the current state of coral reefs?


As many people know, coral is, depending on the case, a village, a city, a megalopolis in the sea. And these places are dying before our very eyes with distressing and perilous butterfly effects.

We have lost our way since the 1970s and we now know that our activity on the planet is generating the great global warming problem, namely the acceleration of global warming over a given period. 

The fact remains that the countries most concerned around the barriers can only see the first consequences of global warming while the large populated countries like India are in the midst of economic development…let’s hope it is wiser than ours has been.


What gives you hope for the protection of coral reefs?


Everyone with their guts, listening to their emotions, is going to participate in Colobris mode (P. Rabhi), the climate frescoes now exist, the information is available and the movement seems to be well underway, I can testify to this after 25 years as a manager of ecological companies. 

We will therefore roll up our sleeves and help associations such as Coral Guardian, both through donations and actions. I hope that this wind will be strong enough to allow us to say in 20 years that we have been responsible, that we have changed our behaviour and that underwater life can find billions of underwater villages where it is good to live ☺


How is your company involved in protecting coral ecosystems? 


This is a core issue for us if I can put it that way. As a group of companies specialising in water-based cleaning, we work with continuous micro-filaments. So from the very beginning of our business, we refrain from using fibres commonly known as microfibres. It is therefore great to avoid transport and plastic packaging and we work on recycling our textiles so that the traces of our activities are minimal. There’s still work to be done but we’re well on our way for over two decades.


By supporting Coral Guardian, by exhibiting Martin’s (co-founder of the organisation) photos, by going to Flores; we have the opportunity several times a year to send specific messages on these subjects to hundreds of thousands of people.

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