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Sponsor spotlight : Noémie from Samboat

Sponsor spotlight : Noémie from Samboat
Publié par Coral Guardian | Publié le 8 August 2022

Last month, Samboat decided to support our nonprofit in the long term! We asked Noémie, communication officer at Samboat, to tell us about their motivations and the reasons for their commitment to our cause. A big thank you to her for taking the time, and enjoy this short read!

Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

I am Noémie, and I joined the SamBoat team 2 years ago! I’m in charge of communication with the aim of spreading a nice image of our platform to as many people as possible.

SamBoat is an online boat rental platform that allows anyone to book a boat in a few clicks. With a wide range of boats all over the world, we offer motorboats, sailing boats and catamarans for rent with or without skipper. With our website, we want to make exploring the sea on a boat accessible to as many people as possible. Everyone can book a boat easily at attractive prices and even without nautical skills thanks to the skippered charter.


What does the protection of coral reefs mean to you? 

At SamBoat, we are above all passionate about boating and great lovers of the ocean. The sea is more than just our playground, it is also a world that we love and that we want to preserve. We get more and more people sailing every year and we are aware of the role we can play in preserving the environment.

The choice came from a long collaboration with all our teams. This fight spoke to many of us and with Coral Guardian we knew that we would be able to act in a concrete way in the preservation of corals, which are already seriously endangered.


Tell us about your favourite memory in the ocean.


I don’t think there is any better feeling than seeing the light go down on your boat when you are alone at sea.


What worries you most about the current state of health of coral reefs?


Coral bleaching is a very serious phenomenon that will have both natural and economic consequences for professionals who make a living from this tourism. We also know that corals are essential for the balance of marine ecosystems. It is still impossible to measure all the terrible consequences that could happen if corals were to become extinct.


What brings you hope?


I am happy to see that more and more actors like Coral Guardian are taking action for this cause on a daily basis. And as a private actor we also have a role to play, and I am doubly happy that SamBoat is participating alongside Coral Guardian in this work. Our contribution to the fight is not only financial, but also involves raising awareness amongst our community.

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