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Focus on IMPAC4: the International Congress on Marine Protected Areas

Published by Coral Guardian | Published on 12 September 2017

IMPAC4 is the international congress on Marine Protected Areas which brings together all the specialists of the marine environment. Coral Guardian was present to share his experience in participatory conservation, thanks to the support of the French Embassy in Chile and the Regional Delegation of Cooperation for South America. Back on an unmissable event for the future of the oceans.

This year, IMPAC4 took place from 4 to 8 September in Serena, Chile. More than 2,000 scientists but also political and administrative leaders from 80 countries around the world came to present the latest scientific advances and discuss concrete ways to implement sustainable ocean conservation.

Organized by the Chilean Ministry of Environment, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and WCPA (World Commission on Protected Areas), this 4th edition focused on the importance of the relationship between the ocean and coastal communities.


The opening ceremony of IMPAC4 was marked by the announcement of the creation of the largest Marine Protected Area in Latin America off Easter Island (720,000 square meters). After 7 years of negotiations with the government, the Rapa Nui indigenous community finally voted 62% in favor of the creation of a new Multi-Purpose Marine Protected Area.

Attended 4 days of conferences and roundtables. Guillaume, our co-founder, gave several talks on the following topics:

  • Why are coral reefs in danger?
  • Raising awareness among younger generations of the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem
  • Aboriginal Communities and MPA: Opportunities and Challenges for Marine Conservation
  • From science to policy (co-animated with Tara Expeditions)
  • Promoting innovative approaches to marine conservation and encouraging sustainable development models
  • The concept of ecosystem valorisation is based on a social ecosystem approach

He particularly appreciated the workshops on South-South cooperation and citizen behaviors, which enabled him to establish dialogue with influential actors.

cc Ministerio del Medio Ambiante de Chile

The association also presented 2 films at the “Frente al Mar” film festival on the Manta Reef and Coral Heart projects. They were well received by a brave audience, who had to face the cold to watch the projections (it was barely 5 ° C that night).


Finally, Coral Guardian was present in the exhibition space with the AFB. We even had the honor to receive the legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle on our stand.


Sylvia Earle

The IMPAC4 is definitely part of the events not to be missed if you are interested in the protection of the oceans. Thousands of professionals debate and highlight innovative and positive solutions that could become global. For Coral Guardian, this was an opportunity to meet inspiring personalities. We hope that this may also be the prospect of new collaborations.

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