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Coral Guardian

S.O.S. Corales : launch of the first participatory marine conservation project of the Mediterranean sea

We’re now located in the Mediterranean Sea with the launch of the first participatory marine conservation project in this region of the world. This project,…

Coral biology

The link between the skeleton of reef-building corals and past climatic ocean conditions

Scleractinian corals and reef formation Coral reefs’ structures are built thanks to the skeleton of Scleractinian corals. These corals begin their life cycle as motile…

Coral reef conservation

Coral reef restoration: sexual or asexual reproductions of corals

Why restore coral reefs? 25% of marine biodiversity depends on or lives in coral reefs and 275 million people depend on them directly for a…

REEF blog

Climate change as experienced by corals

  Reef bleaching / Photography at the discretion of XL Catlin Seaview Survey   Coral reefs are home to a remarkable biodiversity and are under…

Coral biology

8 surprising facts about corals

In addition to being a food resource for more than 500 million people, a habitat for 25% of marine biodiversity, coastal protection in more than…

Coral Guardian

Colombia, a new horizon

Vladimir, our project manager, was in Colombia this summer for Coral Guardian. He tells you why this new direction in South America. Vladimir, why did…