Coral biology

8 surprising facts about corals

Published by Coral Guardian | Published on 20 November 2018

In addition to being a food resource for more than 500 million people, a habitat for 25% of marine biodiversity, coastal protection in more than 100 countries and an economic resource of nearly $36 billion per year, corals have many other surprising features:

  1. The coral colony does not age, it constantly regenerates
  2. For a large number of species, reproduction takes place once or twice a year depending on the moon and water temperature
  3. The Great Barrier Reef is the only animal formation visible from space: it extends over more than 2300 km
  4. Corals produce powerful chemicals able to fight several diseases such as cancer, arthritis, bacterial infections, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and other viruses
  5. Corals and humans have a common genetic heritage
  6. Corals are at the origin of the fine sand of tropical beaches
  7. Fluorescence is a strange and mysterious phenomenon whose true function is still not well known
  8. Without corals to protect coasts, waves could be twice higher

For these reasons it is vital to protect them. Help us by adopting a coral!

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