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Reef - Coral Guardian

Thank you for your interest in Coral Guardian and our actions!


We count on the generous investment of companies that are committed to environmental protection to help carry out our mission of restoring coral ecosystems, by involving the local communities in the long term that depend directly on them for their livelihood.




Feel free to make contact with Neyda who is here to help you!


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Get your business involved

Adopt a reef ... in your company's name and get an adoption certificate and photos of your reef.
Run a charity advertising campaign ... every view of your ad will generate a small donation!
Pay out a percentage ... of your turnover to our nonprofit!
Share your skills ... and support our actions.

Get your customers involved

Adopt corals ... for each product sold, gift a coral adoption to your customers!
Donate per product ... make a small donation for each product sold and take part in our restoration actions!
Animate your social media network ... with charity communication campaigns: competitions, quizzes, etc.
Round up purchases at checkout ... by getting your customers to make small donations when they make their purchases.

Get your employees involved

Round up salaries ... small donations from your employees' salaries, every month, converted into big actions!
Gift coral adoptions ... to your employees during internal events & receive adoption certificates!
Organise in-house challenges ... animate your CSR policy with charity sports challenges, charity events, etc.

We have achieved the label 1% for the planet opening us up to support from its partner companies.


1% - Coral Guardian

Coral restoration - Coral Guardian

Support for transplantation activity

We restored over 4,400 corals in 2021, in the Indo-Pacific around Hatamin Island (Indonesia), and in the Mediterranean at Punta de la Mona (Spain), thanks to the commitment of companies like yours.

In-kind support

Some of our partners have made a donation in kind by offering us diving equipment, recycled clothing, or diving courses for example.
Mediterranean coral

Support for the development of our programs

Companies’ foundations donated funds towards the launch of the Blue Center. Some companies support us year after year in the development of our international actions.

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Thank you to all our partners!

Every year, our actions are continuing and new projects are being developed thanks to the precious support of our partners and collaborators.


Each one of them has their role to play and without them nothing would be possible.


A huge thank you to them for their trust, their involvement, their initiatives and their friendship 💙

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