The impacts of climate change on coral reefs

Learn more about the threat of climate change on coral reefs around the world, and how you can take action to protect them.


Coral reef conservation

News from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

A study conducted by Professor Terry Hughes on 1036 reefs in March 2020 brings sad news. Indeed, massive bleaching is once again hitting Australia’s Great…

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Bleaching of coral reefs : death sentence or scope for adaptation?

Symbiosis and coral bleaching description A symbiosis (a beneficial association between two organisms) often exists between corals and dinoflagellate microalgae (symbionts). This symbiosis is known…

Coral biology

A dynamic symbiosis adapting to changes – when nature resists upheaval

  Symbiosis is a fascinating biological principle, showing the interdependence of living beings between them. In the face of climate change, these relationships are being…

Coral reef conservation

The resilience of some coral reefs to global warming

Coral bleaching The sea surface temperature has increased by 0.1 ° C per decade over the last century (Levitus et al., 2005, IPCC 2013). The…

Coral reef conservation

The IPCC recommends coral restoration

Rising ocean temperatures Oceans take up 71% of the surface of the Earth. They are essential to climate regulation because of their exchange with the…

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Le changement climatique vécu par les coraux

Blanchissement d’un récif / Photographie à la discrétion de XL Catlin Seaview Survey   Sièges d’une biodiversité remarquable, les récifs coralliens subissent les pressions exercées…

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Coral reef recruitment on the Great Barrier Reef affected by global warming

During the last global bleaching event (2014-2017), portrayed as the most spectacular in terms of intensity, duration and extent, the Great Barrier Reef lost more…

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Coral adaptation to climate change

Les vagues de chaleurs océaniques sont de plus en plus rapprochées. Sur les deux dernières décennies, nous en comptons 4 ! Malheureusement, les années 2016…

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Coral reef growth affected by sea level rise

Already weakened by local damages (overfishing, pollution, coastal development) and global damages (rising surface water temperatures and acidification of the marine environment), coral reefs face…

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The Great Barrier Reef – Towards an ecological collapse?

Coral reefs are living underwater mosaics that offer us an unparalleled spectacle every dive. Often compared to tropical rainforests due to their exceptional diversity, these…