Coral reef conservation

Ten Things YOU CAN DO to Help Save CORAL REEFS

Published by Coral Guardian | Published on 19 March 2018

For the recently launched International Year of the Reef, the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) is urging its members and all others interested in or concerned about coral reefs, to take one or more of the practical steps in their day-to day living listed below, to help save coral reefs from the existential threat that they now face.

– Do ONE of the following: either turn back your heating or air conditioning by at least 1 degree Celsius or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit and replace all your lights with LED bulbs OR invest in a renewal energy source or electric car
– Keep flying to a minimum: aim for no more than THREE return air-tickets in a year and offset all your flights, for example with the WorldLandTrust
– Reduce your meat and dairy consumption; we suggest eating meat no more than TWO times a week
– Make sure ALL the fish and sea-food you consume comes from sustainable sources
– Watch at least ONE film and read at least ONE book on Climate Change
– Explain to at least TEN contacts THREE or so key facts behind climate change and its impacts
– Join ONE campaign to help protect reefs or oppose climate change
– Organise at least THREE educational talks and/or showings of the film Chasing Coral
– Write to at least THREE local elected representatives about corals and climate change
– Participate in or support at least ONE REEF CONSERVATION ACTIVITY. If you will be diving or snorkelling, learn how to recognise the different types of damage that can severely impact coral reefs, and send your observations to a relevant organisation. Alternatively, take part in or otherwise support a citizen science or volunteer project.

It is not essential for anyone supporting these aims to commit to all the above actions or meet all of the above targets; anything that you can do under any of the ten headings will be beneficial.

But if you are willing to try to meet most or all of the targets, please show your support for this initiative by signing up at this website.

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